Patron Records

By Indiana law and Library Board Policy, all records relating to library patrons and their use of library materials and services are strictly confidential. Library staff members are not authorized to disclose such records to any third party. Under Indiana law, minors are accorded the same confidentiality rights as adults.

The Library takes seriously its obligation to protect the privacy of every patron as required by law. This commitment to patrons may appear to cause inconvenience on occasion. However, we consider this a small price to pay for the assurance that an individual’s reading preferences and use of the library will remain exclusively his or her private business.

Inquiries by Law Enforcement Agencies

Colfax-Perry Township Public Library specifically recognizes that its circulation records and other records identifying names of library users with specific materials are confidential in nature. No such records shall be made available to any agency of state, federal, or local government, or to any individual not specifically authorized by the Director, except pursuant to such process, court order, or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant to, federal, state or local law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigatory power.